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media guru vivian schiller

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media guru vivian schiller

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Media Guru Vivian Schiller

Chief Digital Officer, NBC News

December 7, 2011

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Schiller’s career is proof that digital transformation makes all media into competitors: She has lead digital evolution at a newspaper (NYTimes.com), in radio (NPR) and now for TV (NBC News and MSNBC. ) Find out what she has learned and what she plans to do in her newest position.

As Chief Digital Officer at NBC News, which she joined in July 2011, Vivian Schiller leads the digital strategy for both NBC News and MSNBC to ensure future growth and innovation. Her responsibilities include strategic oversight of the network’s digital extensions on the web and in mobile, interaction with the Joint Venture that oversees the msnbc.com digital network, as well as providing direction to the network’s new emerging properties.

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