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media guru eric hippeau

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media guru eric hippeau

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Media Guru Eric Hippeau

Former CEO, Huffington Post

April 4, 2011


Hippeau will discuss the business operations and challenges faced by HuffPost, including how the site is coping with changes in consumer use of mobile, the role of video on the site, and the broad array of segments or communities who read and contribute to HuffPost. Hippeau—up until early February when HuffPo was sold to AOL—was the Chief Executive Officer of The Huffington Post—a site that has become one of the leading social news and opinion sites in the five years since it was founded. And its executives are working on having the site to go beyond its position as “The Internet’s Newspaper” to become a significant and broad media brand going beyond its web site to becoming a significant partner for social commerce with companies such as Groupon or Thrillest and helping its advertisers make the most of social marketing. (See Hippeau’s recent interview. ) Hippeau is now an advisor to Lehrer Ventures.

Hippeau joined HuffPost in June 2009. Prior to joining HuffPost, he was managing partner at Softbank Capital and the Chairman and CEO at Ziff-Davis where he spent a good part of his career. For more information about this breakfast and to sign up, click here.

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