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media guru bonnie kintzer ceo trusted media brands

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media guru bonnie kintzer ceo trusted media brands

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Media Guru: Bonnie Kintzer, CEO Trusted Media Brands


October 10, 2017

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Bonnie Kintzer is the CEO of Trusted Media Brands. She is the October 10 Media Guru. You do know Trusted Media Brands even if you don’t think you do…It is one of the most surprising turnarounds in the legacy media space—originally known as The Reader’s Digest Association.

Media Guru events are off the record and have no Power Point presentations. The program is a question and answer session where the moderator asks 30 minutes of questions, and the audience the other 30 minutes. Since the session is off the record, we expect you will hear information at the session and nowhere else.

Among other topics, Kintzer will explain about how this storied legacy media company which was very troubled for a number of years is coming back from the brink to begin to thrive again through a plan that rarely works – building a digital business alongside the physical print business, with the same brand identities. Kintzer will also answer questions about how they are going to grow TMB’s bottom line; she has publicly stated that this will grow by about 50 percent in the new fiscal year. And since Kintzer is known as a disciplined and metrics driven manager, she will give insight about how that works.

In an extensive recently published interview, Kintzer said:

  • “As a company, we have finished our three-year turnaround plan, which is incredibly exciting. We have stabilized our core business; we have grown our digital ad revenue; we have brought in an incredible amount of digital talent into the company; and we are 100 percent debt free.”
  • “We are really looking at where we believe the revenue is, and we believe there’s tremendous revenue opportunity in our core brands. And so we’re hiring a tremendous amount of digital talent, video talent and technical talent.”
  • Yet, Kintzer sees print as being in TMB’s future, “Print is strong for us. We have a great respect for print and we have a great respect for the print reader. Of course, we expect greater growth to come from digital advertising, but one does not preclude the other.”

Venue: Grant Thornton, 757 3rd Ave (47th/48th), New York, NY; for more information and to sign up, go the Harvard Business School site here.

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