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Quantum Media Team

internet and digital

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http://www.quantummedia.com/projects/internet-and-digital | Printed on: February 23, 2018


Led the effort to launch a website start-up for instruction publishing

A Quantum Media member developed a custom-publishing, web-based service offering post-sale consumer electronics and appliances support and product ownership services. For the Internet start-up, she:

  • Wrote the business plan
  • Hired tech and marketing staff
  • Identified funding sources and strategic partners
  • Supervised the demo build
  • Made calls to the trade for strategic partnerships

When it became clear that the company was not going to be a viable independent entity, she found an exit strategy for the business-having it acquired by a similar company.

Served on the Board of Directors and performed the role of Chief Business Advisor for a web and multi-media design and content firm

A prominent designer who has worked on a series of very hip publications over the years started a web and streaming media design agency and content origination company. A Quantum Media member joined the Board and is on retainer with the company to do a wide variety of tasks, including setting up the company’s budgeting and accounting systems, working out pricing and cost accounting issues with the staff, and helping with general business strategy. The media design business was immediately profitable and is on a growth track with web and wireless content development.

Advised a video “reality” company on how to leverage its success in broadcast for a web business

The largest independent documentary producer for cable TV has been a growing and very profitable enterprise for over 15 years. The owner wanted to use his core competency to profitably move to the web. The Quantum Media consultant worked with the CEO on the business strategy, wrote the initial business plan, and helped hire the staff (CFO, VP, Marketing) for the parent company that would run both the video and the streaming video businesses. The consultant continues to be on retainer as the business - now a full-fledged Internet brand that compliments the video production business - continues to build.

Consult in business development and marketing strategy

Quantum Media is consulting in business development, marketing and sales strategy work for a leading online video content and technology company. A Quantum principal has been asked to serve on the company’s advisory board.