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Daniel Schiff

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Daniel Schiff is an agent of change in professional and STM (Science, Technology, Medical) publishing, for books, journals and e-products, including print and online. With 20 years’ publishing experience, he has worked on projects in most major world markets and has been based in the US, the UK, Germany and France. He has a solid track record as a turn-around specialist, rapidly generating aggressive internal and external growth. His strengths are in strategic planning, financial analysis, implementation planning and execution, with significant experience in leading –and integrating- multi-cultural teams.

As an independent consultant, Daniel, together with Quantum Media associate Chris Fodor, is currently developing Quantum Media’s antennae in Europe.

Past clients have included Reed-Elsevier, Thieme, Wolters Kluwer and Zoom.

Recent projects include:
Additionally, Daniel was Vice President and Publisher of Thieme in New York. Before this position, at Elsevier Science in Paris, he was the Directeur (Business Unit manager). In 6 years he turned around a business showing a loss on revenues of €5 Million and with 40 employees, into the market-leader, with €20 Million revenue, an EBITDA margin of 20% and 110 employees. He also worked for Reed-Elsevier in New York and Pergamon Press in Oxford, UK.

  • establishing for a client a new affiliate publishing company in India
  • editorially re-positioning a journal list
  • strategic and succession planning for a small family-owned publishing house
  • acting as a broker for the sale of an exhibit organizer

In a previous life Daniel was a neuroscientist, with faculty appointments in Germany and the US, funding from NIH, NASA and the European Commission, and a number of highly cited publications. He has an M.D. from Paris University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK). He is currently based in Paris, but every month travels to New York, Delhi, and various European cities. Daniel speaks four languages fluently.