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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 What You Need To Know About Net Neutrality

February 28, 2015: 

Now that the FCC has announced their decision, PC World gives us 5 things we need to know about how this will affect media delivery.

The FCC vote means that Internet service providers (ISPs) will be required by law to respect the principles of net neutrality. But what exactly does that mean, and why are so many people celebrating the FCC’s ruling while others are cursing it?

Read more from PC World here.

 Superhero Movies Create Opportunity for Toymakers

February 15, 2015: 

Sequels to Jurassic Park, The Avengers, Star Wars, a new Cinderella, as well as other blockbuster movies, may create record breaking licensing sales.  The shelves already have Barbie and Frozen toys, but the summer will bring out Minions, dinosaurs, and action heroes fighting for the same limited space.  Not to mention the licenses for bedding, apparel, backpacks, video games, notebooks, and on and on.

The New York Times reports on the Toy Fair here.

 Superbowl Ads - Winners and Losers

February 02, 2015: 

Now that the chicken wings, nachos, and the big game are behind, Adweek looks at the advertising winners and losers.  Record-setting viewership, with a close game going to the final seconds, kept the viewers engaged and late game advertisers happy.  With many claiming they only watch the big game for the ads, Adweek gives the advertisers' scores.

These are the winners (link), and the losers (link).

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