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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 Twitter Now Posts Tweets From People You Don’t Follow

August 30, 2014: 

Twitter has decided to offer a 'feature' that will post tweets to your timeline from accounts you have not elected to follow.  The algorithm is not posted, so your carelfully pruned list of family members, a handful of old classmates, and a few close friends, may now be joined by tweets from someone Twitter believes you need to read.

The original idea has been for it to solely show users posts from people they follow, and the retweets their followers decide to share. Things like sponsored tweets have muddled that, but those items have been clearly marked. By comparison, this change means potential noise and intrusion for users who have carefully pruned their lists, while Twitter clearly views it as a way to help surface content to people. That's already ruffled some feathers among users, who have complained about seeing things they don't want to see in their timelines.

Read the full article from The Verge here.

 Diversity In Publishing

August 22, 2014: 

NPR has been running a series on diversity in publishing.  This story highlights efforts made by booksellers to provide diversity.

From the classrooms of M.F.A. writing programs to the corporate offices of the big Manhattan publishers, NPR's Lynn Neary has reported on why there is an absence of people of color across the industry. Publishers agree that as the country's readers become more diverse, reflecting a diverse readership is increasingly becoming smart business for those who make and sell books.

Read the full story from NPR here.

 Amazon Counterpunches Hachette And Authors Over E-Book Pricing

August 10, 2014: 

Amazon also spells out its version of the dispute, claiming that Hachette hasn’t negotiated in good faith and that it would “never give up” in seeking lower prices for ebooks. Echoing an earlier public statement from a group calling itself Authors United, Amazon provided the email of Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch and implored readers to write to him asking for lower ebook prices and an end to the dispute. The authors United statement, which will be published as an ad in this weekend’s New York Times, included Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s email address and a call to write to him, asking Amazon to take authors out of the line of fire in its battle with Hachette.

Read the full story from Forbes here.

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