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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 Will Facebook at Work Succeed

November 22, 2014: 

The long anticipated 'Facebook at Work' has been anounced, but will it succeed?  The corporate Facebook website will not link to your personal site, instead being used exclusively for company communications.

But at least one pundit thinks it will be a huge failure, even damaging the company's flagship brand.

Read Paul Miller of Digital Workplace Group's 5 reasons here.

 Comcast Inks UPS Deal to Escape ‘Most Hated Company’ Box

November 08, 2014: 

Few consumers love their internet providers, or other media sources, but Comcast has been surveryed as one of the most despised, partly because of the frustration of the company's store experience.

In an interesting and praiseworthy twist, Comcast announced a deal with UPS last week, allowing Xfinity customers to return their Comcast cable, Internet, or phone equipment at any of the more than 4,400 UPS Stores. The service is free, and disgruntled customers don't need to worry about boxing up and packaging the rented gear. UPS will take it in, providing customers with tracking information.

Daily Finance reports here.

 Print Books Outsold E-Books In 2014

October 23, 2014: 

The dominant narrative around books is that print is dead, and e-books are king.

Not true.

New data from the UK and US shows that print is proving to be remarkably resilient - and in some cases is still outselling its electronic counterparts despite higher prices and delivery charges.

Full story from Huffington Post UK here.

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