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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 New Samsung Ad Ridicules Apple iPhone

July 04, 2014: 

In the battle for media delivery device supremecy, Samsung launched another salvo.  The ad is about the Samsung smart phone's extended battery life.  Instead of bragging about the extra 2 hours and 20 minutes of expected use time, they take a shot at Apple's battery shortcomings.

View the ad and read the Fortune article here.

 Facebook Launches Slingshot

June 18, 2014: 

Snapchat, which lets you send photos and videos to your friends that disappear in seconds, rebuffed Facebook's $3 billion takeover offer last year.  Facebook made a clone, called Slingshot.

Having seen messaging services win away the attention of some younger users, Facebook is doubling down on mobile apps, either through acquisitions or technologies built inside the company. So far, the strategy has had mixed results.

Read details from USA Today here.

 You Have The Right To Be Forgotten

June 01, 2014: 

Google is the first search engine to comply with a new EU ruling to void certain content.

The European Court of Justice ruled earlier this month that search engines like Google can be forced to take down links to content that is incorrect, irrelevant, or no longer relevant. Many people responded negatively to the ruling, stating that content removal should not be Google's job but rather the job of the sites who publish the content. Not only does removing links not take the content offline, it simply makes Google's job more difficult while giving people a way to erase parts of their history from the Internet.

Read the story from toptechnews here.

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