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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 Who Owns Social Media Marketing?

May 24, 2014: 

Traditional creative? digital? public relations? media? Social media creates some new issues for marketers. Bissell's director of marketing Theresa Junkunc gives her opinion on the issue in Adweek

Link here.

 5 Marketing and Creativity Books That Stand the Test of Time

May 14, 2014: 

Julia Child taught America about French cooking at home by publishing one of the most revered cookbooks of all time.  Here is a list of books from her era that have stood the test of time and should be a staple of marketing/creativity in your pantry.  Bon appetite.

From Edward Boches in Adweek (link).

 To Kill A Mockingbird Becomes An Ebook For First Time

April 30, 2014: 

Harper Lee, author of one of the last hold-outs to e-publishing, has agreed to allow the classic To Kill A Mockingbird to become available in an electronic version.

“I’m still old-fashioned. I love dusty old books and libraries,” said Lee through her publisher to the AP. “I am amazed and humbled that Mockingbird has survived this long. This is Mockingbird for a new generation.”

Read the story from Forbes here.

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