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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 Google Wireless Set To Launch

April 22, 2015: 

Google Inc. is set to unveil its new U.S. wireless service as early as Wednesday, pushing the Internet giant further into telecom and injecting fresh uncertainty into a wireless industry already locked in a price war.

In a key development, the service is expected to allow customers to pay only for the amount of data they actually use each month, people familiar with the matter said—a move that could further push carriers to do away with lucrative “breakage.”

Read the Wall Street Journal report on Yahoo Finance here.

 Debut of the Apple Watch

April 10, 2015: 

Cell phones grew smaller and smaller.  Then larger screens were in demand.  Now it's a micro screen worn on your wrist.  Some critics say you will need a toothpick to launch an app.  Apple (APPL) didn't make a big splash on Wall Street today, as it had with previous product launches.

The watch is Apple's first new product category since the iPad came out five years ago. Analysts are waiting to see how well the watch will sell beyond devoted Apple fans. Apple has a better chance at succeeding than any other smartwatch maker so far, yet it will likely take time before sales reach the kind of numbers that Apple gets for iPhones and iPads.

See what The Chicago Tribune says here.

 Old Viewing Habits Die Hard

March 31, 2015: 

In a surprising turn, some of the most aggressive contemporary purveyors of information, journalistic and otherwise, are seeking future growth from what has not seemed novel since Edison’s day: the feature-length motion picture.

In the last several years, BuzzFeed Media, Vice Media, CNN, Condé Nast and Newsweek have all built units or alliances aimed in part at creating long-form narrative or documentary films that will be seen in theaters. They will use time-tested promotional apparatus — including festivals, awards and brightly lit marquees — to draw viewers, many of whom will ultimately see the movies online or on television.

Read the New York Times story here.

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