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Selected items of interest to the media community

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 Google Expands Super Speed Internet Service

February 22, 2014: 

Google announced that it is expanding their super speed internet service, Google Fiber, beyond the first 3 test cities.  Originally described as a way to spur other companies to offer faster connections, it now appears Google is posturing as a service provider to take on companies such as Comcast and Time Warner.

[The] news is particularly welcome because it comes on the heels of Comcast’s agreement to purchase Time Warner Cable, a merger that would combine the country’s two largest cable internet providers. In many ways, the Comcast deal threatens the evolution of an unfettered internet here in the U.S., but Google Fiber could provide a counter-balance, not only by improving internet speeds but by injecting some much needed competition into the market.

Read the article from Wired here.

 Facebook Launches News App For iPhone

February 10, 2014: 

Facebook launched an iPhone news app last week, ironically called Paper.  You can follow Sports, Food, and other categories, but not general news stories, yet.

Read the story from The Washington Post here.

 Amazon Considering Online Pay-TV Service

January 26, 2014: 

Amazon is the latest potential suitor to provide on-line streaming content, joining Sony, Intel, and Google.

Amazon.com Inc. has approached big entertainment companies about licensing their television channels for a possible new online pay-TV service, in what would be a significant expansion of the company's online video efforts.

The new service it has discussed with media companies would offer live TV channels, such as those available now on cable or satellite TV. Through its Prime Instant Video service, Amazon now offers various TV shows and movies on demand for subscribers to its Prime free-shipping service.

Read the article from The Wall Street Journal here.

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