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media guru charlie redmayne

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media guru charlie redmayne

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Media Guru Charlie Redmayne

CEO, Pottermore

February 4, 2013


Charlie Redmayne is serious about his dedication to his job. In his official biography he identifies his Hogwarts residential college as “Gryffindor” and only then mentions that he is Chief Executive Officer of Pottermore – the interactive, community and sales hub for all things Harry Potter. Redmayne’s mission is to ensure the digital future of Harry Potter by creating products and experiences for “every platform that makes sense for the company.”

In June, 2012, Redmayne reported at paidcontent.org’s annual conference that in the first two weeks of launching the site, Pottermore had 23 million visits, 8 million uniques and 5 million accounts set up. They delivered over a billion page views in that same time period.

Find out how Redmayne deals with technology, scale and owning their customers and how the company will innovate this most loved brand through interactivity and community.Quantum Associate Brian O’Leary will moderate the program.

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