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media guru breakfast peter sheinbaum

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media guru breakfast peter sheinbaum

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Media Guru Breakfast: Peter Sheinbaum

DailyCandy CEO

December 3, 2008


Pete Sheinbaum has been the CEO since 2005 (and COO since 2003) of one of the hippest shopping guides on the internet: DailyCandy. Mr. Sheinbaum will talk to club members and guests in a fireside chat format about managing this special company that came into being in the wake of the dot com meltdown in the early 2000s and has thrived ever since. And now, this smallish enewsletter company that had sold itself first to investor Bob Pitman, has very recently closed a deal with the gigantic corporation, Comcast, for a reported $125 million in August.

Delivering shopping and consumption tidbits to the e-mail inboxes of younger women since 2000, DailyCandy has carved out a place as the guide to what’s new and hip in cities across the U.S. as well as London. The company has 2.5 million subscriptions worldwide. DailyCandy’s editorial mission focuses on six categories: Fashion, Beauty & Fitness, Lifestyle, House & Home, Food & Drink and Arts & Culture. DailyCandy publishes thirteen daily editions, which are all delivered through e-mail.

In an August article on PaidContent.org, Mr. Sheinbaum was asked about the purchase by Comcast at this particular time:

“He said the relationship began with the two companies exploring ways to work together on different platforms—matching DailyCandy’s listings on restaurants with movie plans. ‘Why not marry the Fandango.com and DailyCandy content together on our platform or their platform or some sort of hybrid? Same thing with Comcast.net. They’re providing local content and that’s what we do. If they can help us introduce our content to their readers, what a terrific marriage that would be for us to provide a deeper and richer experience.’ As a top 10 site, that would give DailyCandy a boost for its model.”

Prior to DailyCandy, Mr. Sheinbaum was Director & CRM Practice Leader for Empower Solutions (ERP & CRM software consulting and implementation), COO of AlexBlake.com (retail e-commerce), and Manager of E-Commerce for E! Television Networks. Mr. Sheinbaum currently is on the Board of Directors of IdealBite.com and the advisory board of TotalBeauty.com.Mr. Sheinbaum holds a BA in Economics from Colgate University and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA.

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