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media guru albert cheng

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media guru albert cheng

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Media Guru: Albert Cheng

EVP & Chief Product Officer, Digital Media, Disney/ABC TV Group

February 26, 2013

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As Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media, for the Disney/ABC Television Group, Albert Cheng is responsible for the general management and strategic oversight of digital media, as well as development of ancillary digital revenue streams for Disney/ABC Television Group’s diverse portfolio of broadcast and cable networks, including ABC Entertainment, ABC News, ABC Daytime, ABC Family, Disney Channel and SOAPnet.

To that end, Cheng leads a team that oversees product development, marketing and operations for the Group’s digital media content platforms, including video-on-demand, broadband, web-based and mobile platforms, as well as interactive television technologies. Cheng said about Disney/ABC in an interview by appstory.tv, “We are not only just a content company, we are also a technology company in that we have to understand the technology behind it, in order to deliver on that consumer demand.”

Cheng has served in his current role since October 2005. His business and staff are responsible for creating new ventures in content platforms and consumer products and partnerships in the digital media and online space, as well as providing additional negotiation planning and support for ABC broadcast affiliate relations in this emerging new area. Cheng has been with The Walt Disney Company since 2000. Prior to joining Disney Cheng was director, Distribution Strategy, for Fox Cable Networks Group.

Quantum Media Principal, Stefanie Lemcke, moderated the event.

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