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media disruptors michael kubin and warren schlichting

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media disruptors michael kubin and warren schlichting

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Media Disruptors: Michael Kubin and Warren Schlichting

Invidi and Dish Network Executives tell how Ad Tech Innovation is Changing TV

February 6, 2014


Michael Kubin and Warren Schlichting will explain the benefits and challenges of programmatic buying—previously available only to Web and mobile—that is transforming TV.

The holy grail of reaching consumers by video is that an advertiser can dial up a specific demographic, put in an order, get the creative to the target, and measure the response; regardless of how the consumer accesses content (via telcos, cable or satellite). This completely “addressable” audience may be close to reality for Internet media, but it is still a dream for the “crazy quilt” that is pay TV.

For the media disruptor series, we’re exploring how new advertising technologies are making addressable advertising a reality for television. Invidi, an ad tech innovator, will explain how its technology works for the Dish Network, answering such questions as: Can this be an internationally used technology? What does this mean for protecting privacy?

To find out what the industry is like now—and how they hope it will work in the future—we’ve invited speakers Mike Kubin, HBS ’73, from Invidi and Warren Schlichting from Dish to explain what this innovation will mean. Erica Gruen of Quantum Media will moderate.

Speaker Biographies:

Warren Schlichting, SVP of Media Sales and Analytics, DISH Network

Schlichting joined DISH Network two years ago from Comcast to head Dish’s Media Sales & Analytics division. In this role, he has responsibility for all short-form and long-form advertising sales and oversees DISH’s extensive viewer measurement analytics effort based on data collected daily from over five million set-top boxes.

Since coming to DISH, Schlichting has launched household addressable advertising across a national footprint, initiated geo-targeted advertising by DMA and has led his company’s “exposure-conversion” effort matching ads seen to products purchased by household.

Michael Kubin, Executive Vice President, Invidi (HBS ’73)

Michael Kubin is Invidi’s evangelizer and the company’s spokesperson. He has been Executive Vice President since 2006; he joined Invidi in 2003 as a board member. A 30-year veteran of the media industry, Kubin has managed a significant string of successful entrepreneurial ventures.

At his first media buying company, Corinthian Media Buying, he was integral in the creation and growth of its subsidiary, Corinthian Direct. After Corinthian, Kubin became president of Club Med Inc., the travel company’s US subsidiary. He later co-founded Media Incorporated, which was sold to The Interpublic Group in 1996. Kubin then went on to co-found Evaliant Media Resources, a Web-based advertising tracking firm, which was sold to CMR (Taylor Nelson Sofres) in 2002.

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